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Archive : Troyes

Troyes is a medieval town in France that rivals Rouen in its beauty.

L'Hôtel Du Petit Louvre St. Remy L'Hôtel Des Ursins
Troyes Cathedral Chambiges' unfinished south tower The south transept
The crossing The apse
The nave The nave
Troyes Cathedral Troyes Cathedral Troyes Cathedral
Old shop Old houses Dilapidated houses
L'Hospice St. Nicholas Le Théâtre De Champagne The station
Shambolic house St. Pantaléon Old lane
Vauluisant Museum L'Hôtel De Mauroy L'Hôtel De Mauroy
Old houses L'Hôtel De Mauroy Old house
Dilapidated house Enchanting house Shambles
Old houses Old houses Old houses
La Madeleine La Madeleine La Madeleine
La Madeleine La Madeleine St. Nizier
Hôtel Dieu Hôtel Dieu Hôtel Dieu
St. Jean Relic in L'Hôtel Dieu In L'Hôtel Dieu
Medieval street Medieval street Medieval street
Old houses Old houses Old houses
Old houses Narrow alley St. Jean
St. Urbain St. Urbain
The basilica of St. Urbain was commissioned by Pope Urban IV, a native of Troyes.
St. Urbain St. Urbain