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Archive : 2009
The Future Has Arrived. So light. It's like Christmas and shit! Yes we can.
XD. Fricking lazers! Crystal ball. Spires.
The unreachable. Opium den. He's not from Italy. Inclement.
Indecent proposal. Quorum. Mostro della montagna. The common sense manual was left in the office.
Chilly start. St. Petersburg On Thames. Tomorrow was yesterday. The drama of steam.
Thailand, via Fulham. Space fruit! Ordem e progresso. Window to the 70s.
Popeye! OMFG. The sneaky mouse up someone's tower. Old man.
Thoughtful. A cycle of doubt. I love O'Neill's. Sniffing the heart of a chicken.
Fleischlust. Gaúchos. Drums. Brownian motion.
Pirate Jim. Silver surfer. This is the way it was always meant to be. Papa Smurf.
The indignity of tourism. Schifo. Barcelona. Mercury poisoning.
Avril Lavigne. 'Moo'. Beefcake. Pilgrimage.
Computer stuff, yeah! Gene splicing. Just what is she up to? Firestarters.
Misaligned projectors. A dish of Yorkshire wisdom. Ghghghgh. You are banished!
The wild beasts. Bluebell wood. The Don. Bucks.
The merlion of Singapore. HMS Illustrious. The birthday boy. Bald as the day he was born.
Celestial visions. Whirling lights. The mouse discovers the infinite Turing machine. Bocchino.
Well, one supposes he would have had a ruddy complexion. The tree devil. Popping out of a tree! The improbable ascent.
He's got a while yet. Hipster cave. The last PhD party. New mews.
A giant purple cow in central London. Prolog in action. National pride. Food aid.
The good, the bad, and the ugly. The professor. Glowering. Snobbery.
Snoggery. Mummy. The spectacle. Dinosaur battle!
Leviathan. Soft green glow. Perfect day. All the get-up.
Sunset over the metropolis. Hever Castle. Henry IX. Queues likely.
Bruvvaz. Back to the city. SCARY. Timmy!
African banquet. Doctor Asmare. Old enemies. The treasure trove.
School uniform. The hand-over ceremony. One for the road. Drinking veterans.
Trying to be normal. Mongoplettico. The weird sisters. Henricus Of Borg.
The special ones. Bonnie and Clyde. Beefeaters. In the shadow of Albert.
Watching. A fat man in a gown. The gore cannon. Fashion.
The event horizon. Death horse. Fire-breathing wolf-bot. The chef.
Lovely weather. In glorious technicolour. Concentration and abstraction. New desk.
OMFG. Black as night. What the Jesus fuck? Fuochi d'artificio.
The facilitator. Paparazzo. He even cooks! Beware the evil bear!
Pure reason. Dorian Gray. The gilded cage. The wise old man.
Braced for the maelstrom. The Klein group. An unstable state. Velvet.
Who is that fellow? Ooooh, tea pot. Egg bog. A food's-eye view.
Blofeld. Full of tiger meat. So, music enters the body through here. Tree trolls.
The annual summit. Bankwell with Bidwell. 'He kept us locked in that cellar for fifteen years.' Meditating.
Target acquired! Some cuties!