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Archive : Beauvais

After Amiens, the development of French gothic reached its ambitious summit at Beauvais.

Beauvais town hall. Old houses. The station.
The magnificent south transept. Beauvais Cathedral.
Vertiginous buttresses.
The south portal. The south façade.
The vault of Beauvais Cathedral is the highest in the world at 48m, almost twice the height of naves in England and sufficient to encase the towers of many cathedrals. The choir vault collapsed its during initial construction, forcing the builders to double the number of columns. Martin Chambiges later added the transepts - his masterpiece - after working at Sens and Senlis.
The highest church vault in the world. The highest church vault in the world.
The choir. The original vaulting bays have been divided into two thin bays. The north transept and the wooden struts keeping it together.
The old clock. The south transept. The neo-byzantine astronomical clock.
Tree Of Jesse over the north portal. The north façade. The truncated nave.
Not satisfied with the failure of the choir vault, the architect Jean Vast added an even more audacious crossing tower (153m) that collapsed in 1573. Other tall contemporary spires, like at Lincoln and Old St. Paul's, suffered the same fate. The cathedral was patched up and has since lain unfinished.
Gate of the episcopal palace. The episcopal palace. Looking back at the cathedral.
The episcopal palace. Towering over the houses. Tiny house by the cathedral.
Old houses. Old houses. A clash of very late and very early gothic at St. Étienne.
The choir of St. Étienne, also by Chambiges. Old houses. St. Étienne.
Baptismal font at St. Étienne. Entrance to the font.