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Archive : Bologna & Romagna

In 2009, I was kindly hosted in Italy by some good friends. We visited Bologna, Ravenna, and other towns in Romagna.

Porta San Donato Porta Galliera
One of the colonnades of Bologna The two towers: Torre Garisenda and Torre Asinelli
The centre of Bologna is surrounded by many old gates, and most of the streets are lined with colonnades. Two leaning towers (one of which can be climbed) mark the very centre.
The Aula Magna of the university library Palazzo Dell'Archiginnasio contains many coats of arms of past students
The University Of Bologna is the oldest in Europe (somewhat older than Oxford), and naturally has many fine buildings. The current seat is Palazzo Poggi, while at one time it was Palazzo Dell'Archiginnasio, which contains an old anatomical theatre.
The anatomical theatre in Palazzo Dell'Archiginnasio The ceiling of the anatomical theatre
Flayed carvings in the theatre The courtyard of Palazzo Poggi
The Roman road Via Aemilia runs through Bologna (from Rimini)
Palazzo D'Accursio on Piazza Maggiore Palazzo Del Podestà
The Basilica Di San Petronio The Basilica Di San Petronio
Immense, but incomplete, the Basilica Di San Petronio was intended to be bigger than the Vatican. The pope of the day wasn't best pleased with that idea and had work halted (we are repeatedly told). The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V was crowned here in 1530.
The Foutain Of Neptune The tomb of San Domenico
Apparently I was there The tomb of one of the Glossatori next to San Domenico
The church of the Holy Sepulchre (originally the Roman Temple Of Isis), part of Santo Stefano ('The Seven Churches') The cloister of Santo Stefano
The towers of Bologna San Pietro (officially the cathedral)
The city walls Bolognese bitches

Many churches in Ravenna contain extensive mosaics and date from the 5th century, when Ravenna was the capital of Italy. There remains the mausoleum of the ruler of that kingdom, Theodoric, who was born near Vienna.

The Mausoleum Of Theodoric, Ravenna
The cathedral of Ravenna The cathedral
The cathedral A chapel in the cathedral
The ceiling of the Neonian Baptistry (at the cathedral) The ceiling of the slightly less ornate Arian Baptistry
The Neonian and Arian baptistries (above) are small, plain octagonal buildings with surprisingly ornate interiors.
Sant'Apollinare Nuovo Sant'Apollinare Nuovo
Mosaic in Sant'Apollinare Nuovo Sant'Apollinare Nuovo
The Mausoleum Of Galla Placidia The Mausoleum Of Galla Placidia
San Vitale is another ancient octagonal building, but on a much larger scale.
San Vitale Mosaic in San Vitale
San Vitale San Vitale
The tomb of Dante The tomb of Dante
Dante Alighieri died in Ravenna while in exile.
The flooded crypt of San Francesco The castle
The beach at Marina Di Ravenna

Rimini is a Roman town on the Adriatic.

The Arch Of Augustus The Bridge Of Tiberius
The Tempio Malatestiano The Tempio Malatestiano
A chapel apparently dedicated to Saint Anthony Of Padua Small chapel

San Leo is beautiful mountain village dominated by its fortress (in which Cagliostro was incarcerated).

San Leo
A church called La Pieve The cathedral
The cathedral San Leo
The fortress The fortress
A grisly device found in the dungeon The fortress

The Republic Of San Marino was founded in 301 AD on a steep mountain, Monte Titano, near Rimini.

San Marino
The Guita, one of the three towers The Palazzo Pubblico
The cathedral View from below Monte Titano
A monument San Marino