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Porto (Oporto) gave us the name of Portugal and port wine.

Art nouveau Art deco car park The Coliseum
Art nouveau Bolhão market Majestic Café
São Bento Station The Bank Of Portugal (branch) The Town Hall
The stock exchange The River Douro A rococo shop
The Lello Bookshop The Lello Bookshop Detail of the bookshop
The Lello Bookshop (1906) is at the 'gothick' end of gothic, and must be one of the most ornate bookshops in the world.
Church of the Grilos Porto Cathedral Chapel Of St. Catherine, covered in azulejo tiles
Porto Cathedral Porto Cathedral Porto Cathedral
The nave The tiled cloister The cloister
Porto Cathedral is a brutal, battered, ocean-going church, grounded upon a crag; the sort of thing you might expect to find at Plymouth. Only the cloister is enlivened by the azulejo tiles common in Portugal.
São Francisco São Francisco The Tree Of Jesse
The crypt Hairy Jesus in São Francisco São Francisco
São Francisco is outwardly gothic, but conceals a baroque interior encrusted with gold.
The Clerics' Tower The Clerics' Church The Clerics' Church
View of the Clerics' Tower The gang Birthday boy
Innocence The gang Body mass