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Archive : 2005

2005. Really, no one could have predicted all that.

Watching TV. Pip. Tom. Bidds.
Gem having Chinese tarantula pancakes. George and some fantastic doors. Terrible. Hmm, green cubes or red cylinders?
Jaunty. George and Craleb dancing. Gem's lovin' it. Greek tragedy.
Richard cupping his left breast. Another trip. Pete looking like he might die. The birthday gangsta.
It's like a barbeque, but it's not? Her ex-boyfriend's pseudo-mother's father is her mother's husband. Supercity! George out and about.
It's coming down, boys. Walking. Dirty look. Grimace and innocence. Grimmocence.
Follow the instructions, it can't go wrong. Oh my. Sundown. Tom managed it!
Sense of achievement. Playing go. Attacked by a subterranean creature. Midnight snack.
Maybe I shouldn't have the vote. Whoosh. Hwaugghhh! Get that, f*cker.
Good and evil. So that's what it's all about. So well signed, the dead could find their way here. Frazzled, baked, cooked, roasted, fried, burnt.
Drunk already. Ambisexual Tom and Hazel. Pip, Pete, Jenny. Sam and Paul with his whacky potion.
George and Dave. Tom eating a flower. Let's go to Mr Thomas's Chop House. No more events.
But plenty more frisbee. Nothing but carrot juice. Three years on. Jaunt in Platt Fields.
future.jpg Pip returning to Manchester, after giving me a lift to Cambridge. The fair on Midsummer Common. Professor Taylor.
'Lounge' playing on Parker's Piece. You guessed it, a huge robot riding on the back of a motorised wheelchair. My tower. Summer.
Mister and missus. Stiff upper lip. Firework finale. Infamy.
Only in London. In flight. Punting down the Cam. The Heavens.
Married first. No tie! The thinker. The best man.
The mafia. Completing the cliché. Out in force. Duke Of Clitheroe.
I'm a postgrad. Freshers. Concert in Westminster Hall, 1000 years after the birth of St. Edward The Confessor. Salt and pepper.
Sailors in Trafalgar Square. 'Let me handle Six, Harry.' Fireworks across the metropolis. Fireworks over St. Paul's.
Peter. On green. Poppy day. Peter Of Tooting. Fondling.
German market in Albert Square. All mine. Kong. Festive sneakery.
Oh no. Biddles, Gem and Sam. Sam and Pip. Pip, a new driver.