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Cozmo Java API (SDK wrapper)

Cozmo Java API stack

This JAR (25Kb) provides a simple wrapper to call the Cozmo SDK from Java code. In most cases the methods are direct calls to functions of the same name defined in the Python API. The JAR requires an installation of JEP to interface with Python, plus Java 1.8. It is currently a work in progress.

Example command line: java -Djava.library.path="<path to python>/Python/Python36-32/Lib/site-packages/jep" -cp .;"<path to jep>/jep-3.7.0.jar;cozmobot.jar" MyProgram
Example Java program:

try (CozmoBot cozmo = new CozmoBot())
  cozmo.say("Hello world");
  cozmo.driveForward(10, 10, false);

Cozmo crate

Cozmo storage crate

A Cozmo-compatible, 3D-printed, stackable storage crate. 44 x 50 x 60mm. Download STL (11Mb).

Assorted empirical facts

  • The Cozmo app works on the Samsung A3 (2016). It does not work on the Samsung Galaxy Fame GTS6810P.
  • The Java API works with app version and SDK version 1.0.1.