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Amsterdam is more commonly visited for its modern attractions than its status as the capital of a former world power, but our shambolic trip managed to combine both aspects.

The Royal Palace (once town hall) The Royal Palace on Dam Square
Inside the palace The Burgerzaal Atlas
The Burgerzaal Map of the Dutch Empire
After the Netherlands gained independence from Habsburg Spain, it entered the so-called Dutch Golden Age, giving rise to magnificent painting, a distinctive architectural style, and the creation of a trading empire. New York was founded as New Amsterdam.
The Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam's parish church The Nieuwe Kerk The Nieuwe Kerk
Central Station St. Nicholas Central Station
Central Station Central Station Montelbaanstoren
The Dutch East India Company (VOC) enjoyed a 200-year monopoly on trade with Japan under the shogun's sakoku policy. The company also created the world's first stock exchange.
The Waag East India House, of the VOC De Bazel
The Waag Delightful carving De Bazel
The Begijnhof The Begijnhof The former post office
Canal Dutch houses Old shop
The Rijksmuseum The Rijksmuseum
The Rijksmuseum The Rijksmuseum Batavia and the VOC fleet
The Great Assembly of the States General in The Hague 'Winter Landscape With Skaters' 'The Night Watch'
Tumbledown houses Westerkerk St. Francis Xavier
Likeness Mind elsewhere Le homme
Buttinghausen shop Munttoren The morning after
Dodgy Gathering When in Holland
Old car The house-boat Dutch houses
Burns night LOL Before the fall
The Weeper's Tower Canal Oude Kerk
The idiotocalypse Nom Visions
Canal The Royal Concert Hall The City Theatre
Deconsecrated Spying Celebration
The red light district