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Archive : Buenos Aires

The destination of my first trip to South America, Buenos Aires feels like a European (even Italian) city that was flourishing at the dawn of the 20th century.

Buenos Aires
The Casa Rosada (Pink House). Plaza De Mayo. Plaza De Mayo.
The Casa Rosada, seat of the Argentine president.
The White Hall in the Casa Rosada. The Casa Rosada. The Casa Rosada.
The White Hall. Old wood-panelled lift. The Blue Hall in the Casa Rosada.
Seems reminiscent. Many Falklands references. Che Guevara, who studied in Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires Cathedral. Tomb of General San Martin, who led Argentina, Peru and Chile to independence from Spain.
Pope Francis had just been elected. Buenos Aires Cathedral. Buenos Aires Cathedral.
The archbishop of Buenos Aires was elected Pope Francis just before my visit.
The Ministry Of Defence. The Post Office. The National Bank.
Memorial for those who died in the Falklands War. Admiral William Brown, an Irishman who went to Argentina - via Philadelphia - and formed the Argentine navy. The Cabildo, seat of the Spanish viceroy.
Nuestra Señora De La Piedad. The city assembly. El Molino cafe, one of the city's extravagant art nouveau buildings.
The Palace Of The Argentine National Congress.
The Argentine Congress. The Argentine Congress. The Argentine Congress.
The Argentine Congress was designed by Vittorio Meano in heavy Italian classical style, and was completed in 1906.
Palacio Barolo. Palacio Barolo. The Argentine Congress.
Monument to Dante. Palacio Barolo. Palacio Barolo.
Palacio Barolo, one of Buenos Aires' many art nouveau buildings (although in this case you might call it stile Liberty), was built by Italian immigrants with levels reflecting the structure of Dante's Divine Comedy - a sort of modern sacred geometry. It is said that the building was intended to serve as a repository for Dante's remains, should the tomb in Ravenna be damaged in war. The building's tower ("heaven") is crowned with a searchlight powerful enough to be seen across the River Plate in Montevideo, where a similar tower stands (Palacio Salvo).
Buenos Aires lit by Palacio Barolo's searchlight.
It's hotter than you'd expect. Palacio Barolo. Palacio Barolo.
The Palace Of Justice. The Obelisk. The Palace Of Justice.
The Palace Of Justice. Teatro Cervantes.
Teatro Colón. Teatro Colón. Escuela Roca (school).
The Water Company Palace, covered in Royal Doulton terracotta. The Water Company Palace. The Water Company Palace.
Faculty Of Economics, University Of Buenos Aires. Pizzurno Palace. El Ateneo, a bookshop.
The Kavanagh Building. The English Tower. The English Tower.
The Kavanagh Building. 'Best wishes from the British residents to the Argentine people.' Retiro Station.
The San Martin Palace. The San Martin Palace. The Paz Palace.
The Faculty Of Law, University Of Buenos Aires. The Faculty Of Engineering, University Of Buenos Aires. The Faculty Of Engineering.
La Recoleta Cemetery. Egyptian-style tomb of an Argentine rear admiral. La Recoleta.
The cemetery of La Recoleta has an amazing collection of monuments in a wide variety of architectural styles, including those we do not normally associate with death in Europe, such as art nouveau and art deco.
Art nouveau tomb. Hard to say what style this is - Mayan? Art deco tomb.
Art deco tomb. Gothic tomb. Art deco tomb.
Constitución Station. Constitución Station. Constitución Station.
The Monument Of Argentine-Uruguayan Friendship, Lezama Park. The Russian Orthodox Cathedral. San Telmo market.
Bizcochos Canale (biscuit factory). The National Historical Museum. San Pedro Telmo.
Art deco building. Art deco building 'Fraternidad'. Art nouveau building.
Casa Calise (Yrigoyen 2562). Casa Calise. Art nouveau building.
Art nouveau building. Art nouveau building (Belgrano 1934). Art nouveau building.
Strange art nouveau building. Familiar. Art nouveau building.
Resident of Palermo. Welcomed by the Calabrian immigrants. The botanic garden, Palermo.

Not far from the capital, along a British railway (via English settlements such as City Bell), one can find the planned city of La Plata.

La Plata La Plata Cathedral
La Plata Cathedral
La Plata Cathedral The crossing lantern La Plata Cathedral
The cathedral of La Plata confidently synthesises French and German styles (with the emphasis on the French), reflecting the ancestry of its architects. However, the use of red brick reminds one of Uppsala (itself a French design), and the crossing lantern is perhaps of Spanish (even Moorish) inspiration. Overall, the cathedral one of the largest gothic structures in South America.
The crossing lantern The 'west' front The chevet
La Plata Cathedral The municipal palace The Mary Graham school
The railway station The provincial parliament
A beautiful art nouveau house The curious church of San Ponciano Another house

Colonia Del Sacramento is a small town in Uruguay (across the river from Buenos Aires), which preserves many of its original colonial buildings.

Colonia Del Sacramento
The city gate Abandoned railway The Calle De Los Suspiros (Way Of Sighs)
The lighthouse An old car The Basilica Of The Holy Sacrament
Ancient cottage American car Old lane
The town Not far from Terra Incognita