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In 2010 I made my third visit to Rome and the surrounding towns. See the first and second.

Inside Castel Sant'Angelo. Castel Sant'Angelo.
Saint Michael The Archangel. Vista.
The Colosseum. Palazzo Giustizia.
Il Vittoriano. Trevi Fountain.
Trajan's Forum and Column. Column Of Marcus Aurelius.
St. Peter's Basilica.

Greccio is a village overlooking the Rieti valley. It is the site of a beautiful monastery which hangs off the side of the mountain.

Greccio and the Rieti valley.
The church of the monastery. The Franciscan monastery.
According to tradition, St. Francis celebrated the first nativity here in 1223, when he observed a figure of the infant Jesus come to life.
Inside the monastery. Inside the monastery.
Greccio. Greccio.
The monastery of Greccio.

On the road between Rome and Rieti, one can observe a castle perched on a hill. The castle is surrounded by the village of Nerola.

Castello Orsini. Nerola.
The church of Nerola. Nerola.

I also returned to Poggio Bustone and Rieti.

Poggio Bustone. Poggio Bustone.
Sunset over Rieti.