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Laon sits atop a rock overlooking the plains of Picardy, through which tunnels have been carved over the centuries. Its cathedral is unusual, if not unique, in having a square apse like an English cathedral, rather than a chevet as is usual in France.

The Porte D'Ardon A street Hôtel Du Petit Saint Vincent
The Porte De Soissons The Templar Chapel Inside the Templar Chapel
Laon Cathedral Laon Cathedral
The famous cattle looking out from the towers
According to legend, the sculpted cattle looking out from the towers of Laon commemorate a giant cow that miraculously appeared to haul the cathedral's stones to the summit of the hill after the cows of ordinary stature had failed in their task.
The nave The crossing The square apse
The north transept The nave The south transept
Beside the cathedral Rhino gargoyle The Holy Face of Laon (a Slavic icon)
Laon Cathedral The south side The apse
Laon Cathedral The north side View from Laon
The Abbey Of St. Martin
The abbey sanctuary The abbey nave Carving in a cupboard
St. Martin's Abbey The pulpit Relic of a withered arm
Gothic house Gothic gate