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Archive : Norwich

Norwich is the county town of Norfolk.

Norwich Cathedral.
The Erpingham Gate (1420, James Woderofe). The Ethelbert Gate (1316). The Erpingham Gate.
West front of the cathedral. The Norman crossing tower with its curious rings. The spire.
The apse. Round window in the Carnary College. The Carnary College (which had a charnel house in the basement).
The nave showing several phases of development. The cathedral. The cloister.
Norwich Cathedral has a close connection with St. Stephen's Chapel in the (old) Palace Of Westminster, and the development of the perpendicular style, through the architect William Ramsey. At Norwich, he and his father worked on the cloisters in the 1330s.
The nave. The cathedral. Pull's ferry (watergate).
The west window. The nave. Aisle doorway.
The choir. St. Saviour's Chapel. Britannia.
The apse. The apse (vault by Robert Everard in the 1470s). The bishop's throne.
Bishop Goldwell's tomb. Bishop Goldwell's tomb. Bosses in the cloister.
The cloister. Cloister doorway. The cloister.
Royal arms. Boss. Comical details.
Tombland Alley. House on the site of the plumbery. St. Helen's and the Great Hospital.
Elm Hill. The Britons Arms. St. George Tombland.
St. Andrew's Hall. City Hall. St. Peter Hungate.
St. Andrew's Hall. Victorian (Venetian) gothic behind St. Andrew's Hall. The Guildhall (1407, John Marwe) (I can't account for the octopus).
St. Peter Mancroft (1430). St. Peter Mancroft. St. Peter Mancroft.
Surrey House (Norwich Union building). Norwich. Reredos in St. Peter Mancroft.
The castle. The castle. The 'snapdragon' associated with the Guild Of St. George.
The station. The catholic cathedral (by George 'Middle' Gilbert Scott). The catholic cathedral.
The transept. The choir. The crossing.