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Archive : Dubrovnik

In late 2007 I got the chance to travel to the city of Dubrovnik on Croatia's Adriatic coast (Dalmatia).

As usual, clicking a picture makes it bigger.

Lovrijenac fortress The Bell Tower Massive fortifications
Dubrovnik is surrounded by massive medieval fortifications, and is nestled between sheer mountains and the Adriatic. Variously a maritime republic and a Venetian possession, it developed many modern institutions in the middle ages. The nearby island of Lokrum is reputedly cursed, and Richard The Lionheart is said to have been shipwrecked there.
Sponza Palace, the customs house The tower of the Franciscan monastery The Rector's Palace
The port Stradun The Franciscan monastery
A doorway Dubrovnik Cathedral
The major monuments are strewn along the main street, called Stradun. Two classical churches dominate - the Cathedral and the church of St. Blaise.
Onofrio's Fountain and St. Saviour St. Blaise St. Blaise
The Cathedral and St. Blaise Sponza Palace Jesuit church
Roofs Jesuit church St. Blaise
The small town of Cavtat ("savtat") is the most southern town in Croatia. It was founded by the Greeks as Epidaurum.
The Račić Mausoleum by Ivan Mestrovic (1922) Sunset St. Nicholas, Cavtat
Cavtat Cavtat