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Archive : Chartres

Like Notre Dame, Chartres Cathedral is vastly overrated. Nonetheless, the stained glass (which renders the interior murky) and the exterior sculpture are praiseworthy, and the winding streets of the city are rather beautiful.

Chartres Cathedral The north tower The south-ish transept
Melchizedek, Abraham, Moses, Samuel and David The north porch Isaiah, Jeremiah, Simeon
View from the north tower The St. Piat chapel The clock
Buttresses Flamboyant The black interior
The north rose window In the chevet The intricate choir screen
The screen Our Lady Of The Pillar The centre of the famed labyrinth
Beside the cathedral Beside the cathedral The Maison Du Saumon
The post office (now the library) The post office St. André
A lane A lane A lane
Timber house Timber house Lovely houses
Another lane An alley A lane
St. Pierre Timber house Cathedral view
St. Pierre St. Pierre St. Pierre