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Archive : Bologna & Faenza

In 2011 I returned to Bologna. The previous trip can be seen here.

Colonnade in Bologna. Palazzo Della Mercanzia.
A street. An alley.
Old buildings. Inside the Archiginnasio.
Reputedly a piece of cloth owned by the Virgin Mary. San Bartolomeo e Gaetano.
The incorrupt body of St. Catherine. In the Chiesa Della Santa.

Faenza is where we get the word "faïence" from.

Faenza Cathedral. Piazza Del Popolo, Faenza.

We spent a day on the beach at Cervia.

First pedalo. Second pedalo.
Some crazies I found. Ginger.
Sunset at Cervia.

And we spent more days on the beach at Ravenna.

The model. The flying man.
Panting. Lunging.
Dashing. Ballerino.
Sunset. LOL.

Yet more shenanigans happened in Lugo.

Petto di pollo. Barbeque.
Name day with la nonna. Pirates of the Adriatic.
Hunchback. She's holding a big knife.
Very big knife. For a big melon.