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Dan! 71 : CPU Simulator
What It Is:
A CPU fetch-execute cycle simulator.

Dan! 71

What It Does:
Demonstrates the theoretical processes that go on inside a CPU during a fetch-execute cycle. It creates, saves and loads 'programs' it can execute.

What You Can Do With It:
Write 'programs' in pseudo-machine code, and execute them within Dan! 71. During execution, you can watch how the CPU passes binary numbers around its various registers, in order to execute the command you desire.

Requirements & Download Information:
OS: Win95/98/98SE/ME (untested), WinNT/2K/XP
This software does not create any executable code. The "machine code" is interpreted at run-time. The representation of the CPU onscreen has no relation to the design or the contents of the actual CPU inside your computer.
Download Dan! 71 (232Kb)