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Archive : Birmingham

Birmingham, like Manchester, was transformed by the industrial revolution from a small town to one of the largest cities in England.

Mosaic of the Council House. The Council House. The town hall.
The museum. Queen Victoria, Empress Of India (by Thomas Brock). The Chamberlain Memorial, town hall and Joseph Priestley.
The museum. The brutalist library (demolished). The town hall.
At the centre of the city, Chamberlain Square was a dignified Victorian public space surrounding Hansom's 1834 town hall (based on the Temple Of Castor And Pollux, Rome). Unfortunately, it has been damaged twice - once in the lamentable 1960s (when buildings like the Mason Science College were lost), and again in recent years.
The cathedral. The Presbyterian Church (Popworld). Baskerville House.
The cathedral. Boulton, Watt and Murdoch (pioneers of the industrial revolution). The Hall Of Memory.
The municipal bank. The Shakespeare Memorial Room from the old library. Oozells School (Ikon Gallery).
The Catholic cathedral (Pugin, 1841). The Catholic cathedral. The Catholic cathedral (St. Chad's).
The Catholic cathedral. The Birmingham And Midland Institute. The Children's Hospital.
Methodist Central Hall. Methodist Central Hall. The Children's Hospital.
The Victoria Law Courts (Aston Webb, 1891). The 'Red Palace'. Spring Hill Library.
The Victoria Law Courts. The Victoria Law Courts. The Bell Edison Building.
The School Of Art. Gothic row. The Bell Edison Building.
The School Of Art. The School Of Art. The Birmingham Banking Company.
The university's clock tower (strong echo of Siena). The University Of Birmingham (by Aston Webb). Queen's College.
The university's Great Hall. The university. The Guild Of Students.