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In 2011, I finally made the pilgrimage to Reims, the city where the kings of France were once crowned, in its glorious cathedral. In the weeks before I had visited the basilica at St. Denis, the royal necropolis.

The Palais De Justice and the Grand Theatre. The town hall. Porte Mars.
Reims Cathedral. Reims Cathedral.
Reims Cathedral.
The south transept and the banqueting hall of the Palace of Tau. The south transept. The west front.
The first king of all France, Clovis I, was baptised by St. Rémi at Reims. Years later, an ampoule miraculously filled with baptismal oil was found in the tomb St. Rémi (see below), and this, the Holy Ampoule, was subsequently used to anoint the monarch during coronations. Another Holy Ampoule appeared some years later for coronations at Westminster. The cathedral nave is higher (38m) than all the cathedrals of England, and one of the highest in France.
The nave. The western wall. An aisle.
The towers. Reims Cathedral.
Rose window over the central door.
The Carnegie Library. The Palais De Justice. A gothic house.
The Basilica of St. Rémi. The Basilica of St. Rémi.
The chevet. The nave. The tomb of St. Rémi.
Hôtel Le Vergeur. The flamboyant southern door. The Basilica of St. Rémi.
Hôtel Le Vergeur. Place Royale. The war memorial.
Gate leading to the cathedral. Hôtel De La Salle. Art deco and gothic.
Reims was heavily damaged during the first world war, and consequently has an interesting collection of art nouveau and art deco buildings, far preferable to what they would have built after the second world war.
The old Jesuit college. The train station. Another art nouveau building.