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Archive : 2008
Mise en abyme. Executive toys. Innocence itself. It must be so distressing for children when a 30-year-old drunken Santa turns up in the middle of January.
A political disaster. Having a fun. Different worlds. The Chief Justice of Madras.
Curiosity killed the cat. Drunken grin. Anyway, she was quite nice. I like to wash grapes.
Tapped. The bull. Nonchalance. There there, Pete, don't worry.
Another beast. Healthy glow. Beardy Sam. Dirty Dom.
The Olympic Torch passes through London. Eye spy. Wistful. Protests provide more than enough entertainment.
'And the flags are selling well?' The Doctor. Pete's such a sophisticated kind of guy. Tom in the form of a giant floaty head.
Twinkle toes. Beef. Safari. How do I measure up?
Old men like to share. Piccolino topino. New York. A feat of engineering unbeknownst in antiquity.
The mob. What is two toppings? Drunk. Kofi's gone to the toilet.
Towers of Bologna. Tramp. Sky boats. Nymphaeum.
The elephant in the room. Even the architects have given up on Utopia. Rock! Summer solstice.
Highland adventure. The professionals. Mary Poppins. ... buys some groceries.
Cornish sunset. Bowled over. The Latin way. This would be a picture of a beautiful whale but this is all I can provide.
ROTFL. A really wild, exciting party. The chin with a life of its own. Alberto's cream is not tested on animals.
Pete pose number 24. Not a fan of the limelight. Beati pauperes. Cousin It watched in silence.
Grande paparazzo. No more pictures please. The ring of destiny. Gentlemen.
Linen-suited cad. Drink the pain away. Nom nom nom! Comfortable, uncomfortable.
Geisha. Dan Dan the robot man. Animali. Agrippa.
Oh! The essential credential retains its potential. Sloans! Eskimo.
A contented stare not unlike that of a farm animal. Germaine didn't like it at all. Keep out of reach of children. Chav boy.
Rampant carnivorism. Chitarrina rosso. Catman. The flames of eternal damnation.
It's raining ash! The dome finally speaks. Kevlar parasol. My local Waterhouse.
The troubled artist. Particles of pure joy. I will not encourage drama. Derb.
Bambi. Disgruntled. Chief engineer of the Giant Food Cannon. Bearded lady.
Detached observation. The gathering of ex-pats. The Sexmeister tries to teach Tom a thing or two. Welcome to my parlour.
The bright lights. Dancing with Sherlock Holmes. The very image of patriotism. Wind chill.