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Archive : Sens

Sens, south of Paris, is home to one of the earliest gothic cathedrals (around 1135), and its importance is reflected in the archbishop's owning the Hôtel De Sens in Paris.

The market hall. Sens Cathedral.
Sens Cathedral.
The magnificent flamboyant transepts are by Martin Chambiges, who did similar work at Troyes and Beauvais.
The north transept. The crossing and quire.
A flamboyant tomb. The nave.
The life of St. Thomas Becket. The statue of St. Thomas Becket.
St. Thomas Becket, who was once exiled from Canterbury to Sens, is commemorated by a statue and a window telling his life. In the other direction went William Of Sens, who designed the earlier parts of Canterbury Cathedral.
Thorns from the crown. The southern rose window.
Sens holds a relic consisting of several thorns taken from the crown of thorns, held in Paris.
The episcopal palace. The episcopal palace.
The hall of the episcopal palace. The episcopal palace.
Timber houses. A street.
The town hall. The grand staircase of the town hall.
The house of Jean Cousin. The house of Jean Cousin.
The house of Jean Cousin. The house of Abraham.
Sens. The house of Abraham.