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Munich is usually recognised for Oktoberfest and sometimes for its Nazi connections, but on a short trip there I found the capital of Bavaria had much more to reveal.

Munich town hall Munich town hall
The courtyard The courtyard The courtyard
Fantastic sculpture Doorway Spiral staircase
Prince Luitpold The town hall The town hall clock, which displays a puppet show once or twice a day
The old town hall from the Viktualienmarkt The old town hall Archway of the (new) town hall
The main square, Marienplatz, is dominated by the (new) town hall, a fantastical work of (neo) sondergotik by Georg Von Hauberrisser. The old town hall remains on another side of the square.
The old town hall Marienplatz Isartor
Karlstor Isartor
St. Michael's Augustinerkirche (now the Museum Of Hunting And Fishing) The Stadtmuseum
Frauenkirche (cathedral) Frauenkirche St. George
Frauenkirche The Devil's footprint The tomb of Holy Roman Emperor Louis IV
Peterskirche Heiliggeistkirche The Bavarian State Opera
The Bavarian National Museum Asamkirche Asamkirche
Prinz Carl Palais Asamkirche In Asamkirche
The Residenz The Residenz The Residenz
Bavaria was a semi-independent state inside the Holy Roman Empire for around 1000 years, and its monarchs ruled from the Residenz. Nowadays, the Duke Of Bavaria (also a Jacobite claimant to the British throne) resides at Nymphenburg Palace.
The Hall Of Antiquities The Reich chapel
The court chapel The Ancestral Gallery The Palatine Crown (of England)
The Crown Of Bavaria The Orb The Queen's Crown
A skull relic A grisly hand More relics
The treasury at the Residenz holds an astonishingly large collection of relics (including one of John The Baptist's heads) and other treasures including the royal regalia. The only other treasury I know of that comes close is that in Vienna.
The riding school Feldherrnhalle Theatinerkirche
Theatinerkirche Theatinerkirche Theatinerkirche
The Chinese Tower (in the English Garden) Ludwigskirche The State Chancellery
Siegestor, heavily damaged in WW2 The Führerbau Haus Der Kunst, the first piece of Nazi architecture
The Haus Der Kunst and the Führerbau were built by the Nazis. The wild patch next to the Führerbau is the site of the Ehrentempel that was built to commemorate the Beer Hall Putsch.
The Palace Of Justice The Palace Of Justice
The Palace Of Justice
The New Palace Of Justice Peterskirche Heiliggeistkirche
St. Paul's St. Paul's
St. Paul's St. Paul's The Alter Hof
The Maximilianeum
Maximilian II Lukaskirche A government building
A beer hall The carnival Surfing in Munich
The Glyptothek
Königsplatz is surrounded by two museums and a monumental gate, all by Leo Von Klenze. He also designed the Ruhmeshalle behind the Bavaria statue and the Walhalla in Regensburg.
The Glyptothek The Propylaeum The Museum Of Antiquities
In the Glyptothek The Obelisk The Barberini Faun
The Alte Pinakothek, with bomb damage The Propylaeum More sculptures