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Archive : 2007
The nautical temptress. Bidwell the buccaneer. Cabin boy Pete and seafarer Sam prepare the crocodile for the ritual beating. The crocodile's remains, scattered about the captain's quarters.
Hahnsang under the bright lights. Tempted by the centenary coffee. Sapere aude. Culture Club make a come-back.
You! Mistress of the high seas. Burlesque. See The Amazing PETE ~ Performing Superhuman Tricks ~ One Day Only at 27a London Wall.
Can anyone hear an organ? International conspiracy. Watching the skies. Moonlight Sonata.
Swiss fayre. George eats some bark. Johnny Foreigner visits Manchester. Alberto on Cloud 23.
Elizabeth II Regina. Well, would you look at that. Not a bad picture, for once. In touch with their softer sides.
There's nothing like a herbacious border to bring in the summer colour. Flanked by two greats. Regnator Imperatorius. The Italians.
MJ! Polyglot party. In the Italian manner. Yes, it's a plate of chicken hearts.
Gaucho. Hark! Bombay mix. Promenading.
Peter in what can only be described as a den. Rio On Thames. Quick, we need a big metal spike. It's the 21st century! The obvious optimisation would be to have multiple barbeques.
Le Tour De France. Eskindir launches a new sponsorship deal. Stairway to Heaven. There's nothing quite like hunting liondeer in the Serengeti.
'Dustin Hoffman'. The robot forces take to the skies. Sunrise. Impromptu barbeque.
Chinoiserie. Narcissus pseudonarcissus. Oh look, a band of minstrels. La Bohème.
The Sun People invade Earth. Doctor Heaven. Autumn equinox. Pete beating someone with a stick.
Shiny kendo pimp. Graças a Deus. Melancholy. Bertie salivates over some poor woman's crotch.
Hunting partners. 13 years. Cucina Italiana. Already a cliché.
Cleopatra. Historically unlikely. The pixies. Justice is blind.
The Horse Guards on parade. Thunder rumbles through the metropolis. The dawn of a new era at St. Pancras. Utterly unthinkable!
What does Lucio want? Perseverance rewarded with success. Ooh, picanha! The crazy tale of the late love letter.
'Toot, toot!' said Mr Toad. Roy. The British cuisine impressed Eskindir just as much as the other customers. A little joke.
Hallucinations. This is not a picture of Bidwell's spectacular pirouette.