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In June 2005, we went to New York City for my birthday. It was everything I had seen in the movies and my dreams, and strangely, there was more. I never expected so much more detail. I hope I have captured enough of it, so you can see it too.

Waldorf-Astoria, MetLife Building and New York Central Tower on Park Avenue. St. Bartholomew's church and 570 Lexington Avenue (old General Electric building).
The Rockefeller Centre. The Chrysler Building. The GE tower in the Rockefeller Centre.
Movie in Rockefeller Plaza. View from the rooftop garden of our hotel.
Statue of Atlas in the Rockefeller Centre. Times Square. St. Patrick's cathedral, on 5th Avenue.
Interior of the public library. New York Public Library. Bryant Park Hotel (American Radiator building) overlooks Bryant Park behind the library.
Pip on the rooftop garden. The Citicorp building glowing in the clouds. Some kind of festival on Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue).
The Chrysler Building, on 42nd Street. Grand Central Terminal. Radio City Music Hall, part of the Rockefeller Centre.
Midtown. Major landmarks lie on the axes of 42nd Street, 5th Avenue and Broadway.
Entrance to the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building. The New Yorker Hotel.
The New York Life building, facing Madison Square Park. The Flatiron building.
The Empire State Building, at dusk. The Metropolitan Life building.
The Chrysler Building, by  William Van Alen. The view to the North-East. Bryant Park and the public library.
Me, on the Empire State observatory. A pigeon.
Lower Manhattan. Madison Square Park, the Flatiron and Metropolitan Life buildings and the Statue Of Liberty are visible.
New York Post Office, near Madison Square Garden. The spire of The Empire State Building. The United Nations.
Times Square. Downtown. The Chrysler Building.
The Guggenheim Museum, on 5th Avenue. Central Park. The Museum Of Natural History.
Central Park.
Central Park. The interior of the Metropolitan Museum Of Art. Ugolino and his sons.
A courthouse. The Supreme Court of New York. The municipal building.
Downtown, where the street grid ends and the financial and government centres are located.
Federal Hall, with its statue of George Washington. Seat of the government when New York was the capital city. Brooklyn Bridge. New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street.
The Woolworth building. The customs house.
Liberty Island. The Statue Of Liberty, a gift from France. People going to New York.
Ellis Island, where immigrants were brought. Pip, on Liberty Island.
New York.
The helicopter. Downtown. The green tower is the Trump building. Liberty from the air.
Providence. Is this real? New York from 10,000 feet.