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Archive : Senlis & Chantilly

Senlis is a beautiful town just north of Paris.

The railway station. St. Pierre. St. Pierre.
A gothic house. A street. The Hôtel De Vermandois.
The south transept. Senlis Cathedral.
Senlis Cathedral. The nave. A pendant vault.
The magnificent south transept by Pierre Chambiges. The lady chapel. The life of St. Louis.
The museum of fox hunting. The ruined castle. The episcopal palace.
The Hôtel Hérivaux.

The Château De Chantilly is not far from Senlis. The present construction dates from 1875, although the original was built by Pierre Chambiges.

Château De Chantilly
The courtyard and chapel. The Château De Chantilly. The stables.
The Château De Chantilly.