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Archive : Bourges

Bourges is the capital of the historical region of Berry in France.

Timber-framed house Wooden house Very thin house
Bourges Cathedral, the first and oldest fully realised work of French gothic
Bourges Cathedral The west front
Beautiful door Rocket-like chevet chapels Exposed crypt
Bourges Cathedral The nave
High aisles, and no transept Partial flamboyant rebuilding
The astronomical clock Under the arch of the sacristy I saw people performing a ritual I have never seen before Entrance to the sacristy
Engraved tracery designs Hell Hell
Cul The crypt Pendant-vaulted side chapel
Nobles Remains of the tomb of Duc Jean De Berry, which originally resided in the (destroyed) Sainte Chapelle The Duc De Berry
Hidden deep in the crypt is a fabulous set of statues, the Holy Sepulchre The seven lampstands and seven stars of Revelation Vision of Hell
Jean, the Duc De Berry (the historical province of Bourges) was a famous patron of the arts, including his Très Riches Heures, the Ducal Palace and its Sainte Chapelle (built after the model in Paris), where the duke was ultimately entombed.
Bourges Beside the cathedral The remains of the Ducal Palace, once site of the Sainte Chapelle
Hôtel Cujas Maison De La Reine Blanche Detail of the ornate carving
The post office The post office Notre Dame De Bourges
Wooden buildings Hôtel Lallemant Hôtel Des Echevins
Wooden houses Wooden houses Wooden houses
Le Palais De Jacques Cœur Le Palais De Jacques Cœur Jacques Cœur
Another resident of Bourges, Jacques Cœur, was a merchant who ran the royal mint during the Hundred Years' War. His house (or palace), begun in 1444, is a work of 'total art' with the interior just as exquisite as the exterior.
Fantastical house To the brave of heart, nothing is impossible
The main gate, with false windows on either side
Magical house The main front
The main staircase
The banqueting hall Monkeys on the fireplace Delightful fireplace
The main staircase Wooden-vaulted gallery The glorious chapel
Reconstruction of the tomb of the Duc De Berry Painted chapel vault À vaillans cœurs riens impossible