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Nuremberg was, for much of its history, a free imperial city within the Holy Roman Empire. The imperial regalia were kept there for nearly 400 years (now in Vienna).

St. Lawrence's Church St. Lawrence's Mount Of Olives sculpture
St. Lawrence's The Devil's Fountain
West portal Approaching the choir The Bride's Door
The choir (1477) The choir vault The choir vault
Veit Stoss' Annunciation (Angelic Salutation) The Annunciation and the sacrament house The towering sacrament house (1496)
The sacrament house - carved from sandstone The sacrament house Base of the sacrament house, with self-portrait of sculptor Adam Kraft
St. Lawrence's Church is famous for its dramatic Sondergotik choir (by Konrad Heinzelman, the Roritzers, and Jakob Grimm) that houses Veit Stoss' Annunciation (his other major work is in Cracow), and the monumental sacrament house by Adam Kraft - an almost unbelievable tower of writhing tendrils carved from sandstone.
Stairs to the sacristy Sacristy Pulpit
Tiergärtnertor Pilatushaus by Tiergärtnertor Saint George
Houses by Tiergärtnertor Albrecht Dürer's house Albrecht Dürer's house
Dürer's kitchen Dürer's house Dürer's house
Albrecht Dürer spent most of his life in Nuremberg. His godfather published the famous Nuremberg Chronicle.
The Schöner Brunnen (1396) The Schöner Brunnen The Schöner Brunnen
The Schöner Brunnen The Frauenkirche
Frauenkirche Frauenkirche Frauenkirche
Frauenkirche Frauenkirche Frauenkirche
St. Sebald's Church The Brides' Door St. Sebald's Church
The choir Tomb of St. Sebald (by Fritz Habeltzheimer and the Vischers) Tomb of St. Sebald
Nuremberg's other major church, St. Sebald, houses the tomb of the eponymous saint. Largely designed by Peter Vischer and sons, it was finished in 1519.
The ambry (1370) St. Sebald's Church St. Sebald's Church
Tiergärtnertor The castle's Sinwell Tower The castle chapel
The witch's hut The Heathens' Tower The castle
The town hall St. Sebald's parsonage Nassauer Haus
The flesh bridge St. Sebald's parsonage Heilig Geist Spital
The Hangman's Bridge
Weinstadel and the Hangman's Bridge Hallertor bridge Heilig Geist Spital
Main station Opera house St. Elizabeth's Church
Neutor St. Jakob's Church Weisserturm
Mauthalle Mauthalle Unschlitt Haus
My companion The original parsonage oriel? Old street
German National Museum (Carthusian monastery) German National Museum

The same trip led to a brief return to Prague.

Týn Church Prague The castle
The Straka Academy (seat of government) The Rudolfinium The Archbishop's Palace
Observatory of the Clementinum Door of the old town hall Charles Bridge
Mirror Chapel of the Clementinum Clementinum library Clementinum library
Youth St. Wenceslas from Cafe Lucerna A crazy night
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