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Archive : 2014
Voksal. I've waited six years for this. Basement gig. The Strega Triptych.
Teddy's seen better days. Glamour. Four generations. A man down.
Anthropomorphism. Domestic life. Creatures. Somerset's newest lake.
Brave youth. Return to the source. Ancient memories.
Ancestral home. True friends? Reunion. Old-world symbolism.
Midnight snack. View from the garden. Hipster town. The one true hipster.
Mere sketches. Oslo. Raise the portcullis! It's a trap.
Sundae. Lounger. What could possibly go wrong? Big pile of stuff.
Labourer. Preaching to the choir. Frenchies. Gig.
The Imperial College Of Science And Technology. Decadent model. Best Kept Secret. Dutch courage.
Snotty camper. Festival. Caught chomping. Things are bad when you find yourself the craziest man on-site.
Loud music. Summertime reflections. The reveller. Swingers.
Alien. The enlightenment. Industrial scale. Dutch goodbye.
Innocence. Looking. Harry Styles and his entourage. Calling for help.
The age of the beard. Old. Diverted attention. The first world war.
Infinite light. The bell tolls. Return from the colonies. Knowing smirk.
Spreading rumours. Lincoln. Pie maker. Music man.
Chauffeur. Mediterranean cuisine. Flying doctors. Ancestral church.
Time to confess. 'I am God.' Swinging his sack. Happy couple.
Beards. The gang. Wine. Finally the stage he was looking for.
Mobster. The one ring. The Don. Vista.
Dappled laughter. A lady. Under the vine. Happy boy.
This is how it ends up. My annual hour of sun. The minstrel of Lugo. For one night only.
The terrier. Bloodshed. Denials. Femme.
Tableau. Laser eyes. Pink delivery. Bedtime.
The last Queen Of Scots? Hotpot. Rally to save the United Kingdom. Wee Eck.
Hipster insouciance. NO. Siberian unicorn tears. Communist cats.
Tipple. Bacchanalia. In her moment. Gossip.
New friends. This girl. Jon Snow. Admixture.
La famiglia. Grr. Deep Mind. Woods.
Two boys go to Westminster. Victory. October. The winged turtle.
Sir Tim trapped in a Raspberry Pi. Enlightenment. That time of year again. The bearded one.
The menagerie. The wedding. Catcher of the bouquet. Pyrotechnics.
The intellectual. Staged. Ship of sin. Back to the capital.
The bear. Pants. Red. Beard baubles.
One more year. Interstellar. Man of the sea. Memory.
Forest. Sequins. Word play. Master of ceremony.
Baroque. Huddle.