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Archive : 2015
Dawn. Always smiling. Playing with a cock. Three amigos.
Good lighting. KX. Practice run. Synth.
Lost Reality. Che? Monkey Jesus strikes again. Those two.
Tunnel vision. Sometimes I use telephones. Narcissus. It's all about the bookshelves.
Lady in waiting. The game. Lamb. Just one of those nights.
The future - it has that cold feeling. Shadow man. Interstellar organ. Professor Stephen Hawking.
CHINA. First class. Running, jumping, climbing trees. Boring!
Professor. The ladies. UKIP party. Paris.
Slimy. Bestiality popcorn. Prepare yourselves. Silencio.
Silence. New neighbours. Realm of the Mad Hatter. Pink.
The most middle-class thing I've ever seen. Field day. I don't smoke. Laid back.
Try harder, guys. The eye of the beholder. Field day. Not a rave.
Nocturne. Visit from the creature. Longer than anyone realised. Summer.
The Sirens Of Titan. Opium den. Street violence. Green patch.
Pug attack. Olympia. You're welcome. Pastoral.
'It is but smoke and ashes, a night dark and dreary'. The sitting room. Guzzling champagne with Diane Abbott. Happy couple.
Inside looking out. The Shelf Of Shattered Personalities. Old folk. By moonlight.
Special effects. Checking in. Midsummer Common. Three northerners.
Metropolitan canal. Hackers anniversary. Burgering. Ten years of London.
Cadillac. Meat. Hello yellow. Nocturne.
Alcoholic architecture, supposedly. Mancuniensis. Mancunian gothic. Happy couple.
Another happy couple. Family (i). Family (ii). Family (iii).
Family (iv). Family (v). Setting the tone. You've been warned.
Christmas ball. Rainbow. Tradition continues. The rogues.
Memory. The Christmas duties passed to the next generation. Charnel Clough.