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Archive : King's Lynn

King's Lynn (Bishop's Lynn) was famously a member of the Hanseatic League, along with such cities as Lübeck, Bruges, Riga and even Cracow.

King's Lynn Minster (St. Margaret's)
Town hall and minster The minster The minster
Unusual perpendicular rose window Unusual perpendicular rose window The minster
The minster The minster The rose window
The Guildhall The Guildhall The Guildhall
St. George's Guildhall The Custom House A Hanseatic warehouse
St. Nicholas' Chapel St. Nicholas' Chapel The library
Greyfriars Tower Inside Greyfriars Tower The South Gate
The Lattice House The Valiant Sailor pub Burkitt Homes (almshouses)
Red Mount Chapel Red Mount Chapel The Duke's Head Hotel