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Archive : Canterbury

As the source of Christianity in England, and the centre of the world-wide Anglican church, Canterbury needs no introduction. We were provided with good weather and a pleasant symphony for our pilgrimage in late 2007.

Enter by the West Gate And approach the cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral
St. Martin's church Canterbury Castle
St. Martin's church reputedly contains Saxon or even Roman construction. The castle is Norman, and forms part of the city wall, of which a significant part remains.
The old weaver's house Royal Museum
The cathedral gatehouse Eastbridge Hospital
Gatehouse of the King's School Abbey gatehouse
The King's School occupies parts of the cathedral precincts and parts of what was once St. Augustine's Abbey. It was St. Augustine who brought Christianity to this green and pleasant land.
The King's School Ruins of St. Augustine's Abbey
The Norman section of the cathedral The later nave
Of course the cathedral does not disappoint with everything from Norman to perpendicular gothic.
A little octagonal tower The cloister
The chapter house The cloister vault
The fan-vaulted crossing tower The choir screen
St. Thomas Becket The Warrior's Chapel