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Tours is probably the closest point to the heart of Europe that a caliphate has attempted to conquer, at least until the Ottomans were driven back from the gates of Vienna in 1683.

Tours Cathedral Tours Cathedral
Tours Cathedral
Flamboyant portal The chevet West front
The south transept Massive buttress Tomb of two children of Charles VIII
Door The transept The nave
The nave The apse Vaulting
Gate to the bishop's palace The bishop's palace A stuffed elephant
Maison De Tristant L'Hermite Maison De Tristant L'Hermite American war memorial
The castle The theatre The library
La Tour Charlemagne, remnant of the old Abbey Of St. Martin The new Basilica Of St. Martin La Tour De L'Horloge
Old house Basilica Of St. Martin Basilica Of St. Martin
The Abbey Of St. Martin was built around the tomb of Martin Of Tours, a man so famous for sharing his cloak that our word chapel comes from the Latin for cloak. It was one of the largest churches on the Way Of St. James, until it was destroyed in the madness of the French Revolution.
Rue Du Général Meusnier Timber house Timber houses
Timber houses Gothic house Wooden house
Wooden house The Abbey Of St. Julien The Abbey Of St. Julien
The town hall The palace of justice The main station