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Archive : Stockholm & Uppsala

Stockholm is my favourite of the Scandinavian capitals.

Gamla Stan, the old city Gamla Stan Gamla Stan
Riddarholmen Church Near the church
Riddarholmen Church Tombs of Magnus III and Charles VIII Riddarholmen Church
Various arms including George VI (UK), Wilhelm II (Germany), Hirohito (Japan), De Gaulle (Free France), Chiang Kai-shek (Republic Of China) The arms of Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia Riddarholmen Church
Swedish monarchs are buried in the Riddarholmen Church, which also displays the coats of arms of members of the Order Of The Seraphim (mostly heads of state).
The House Of Nobility (at one time the upper house of parliament) The House Of Nobility Wrangel Palace
The stock exchange Bonde Palace, now the supreme court Inside the German Church
Old phone booth The German Church The king's gallery in the German Church
Runestone (U53) The Royal Palace The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace The palace chapel The Royal Palace
The queen's crown The Crown Of Sweden The Royal Palace
A statue The Museum Of Antiquities A statue
Royal guards Stockholm Cathedral St. George And The Dragon, in the cathedral
The cathedral St. George And The Dragon
The Swedish Parliament The Swedish Parliament The Swedish Parliament
The National Archives and Norstedt Building The National Museum The Royal Opera House
Stockholm Cathedral Gustav Vasa Church Hedvig Elenora Church
The army museum The Royal Dramatic Theatre The Royal Dramatic Theatre
Klara Church The Woodland Cemetery The Woodland Cemetery
Stockholm Concert Hall The Museum Of Biology The Museum Of Biology
Villa Lusthusporten Statue of Gustav Vasa in the Nordic Museum The Nordic Museum
The Nordic Museum The Nordic Museum
The Vasa The Vasa The Vasa
The Vasa sank in Stockholm's harbour in 1628, only to be rediscovered in 1961, much like the Mary Rose. She was named after the dynasty founded by Gustav Vasa, who broke up the Kalmar Union (which had the Danish monarch ruling everything from Greenland to Finland) and founded the Church Of Sweden (somewhat like Henry VIII). His tomb can be found in Uppsala (below).
The Vasa The Vasa Stockholm City Hall

Like Canterbury and Esztergom, Uppsala is the religious capital of Sweden.

Uppsala Cathedral Uppsala Cathedral
The nave
Notwithstanding the use of brick, Uppsala Cathedral is a work of French gothic; the main architect being Étienne De Bonneuil from Paris.
A rose window The apse The Vasa chapel
In the Vasa chapel The tomb of King Gustav Vasa The tomb of Linnaeus
Uppsala University The relics of Saint King Eric IX The Gustavianum
Runestone U937 Runestone U938 Another runestone