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Archive : Barcelona (October 1999)
Danielle Sullivan on the ferry. The port plus ships. Danielle Sullivan in the Titanic pose. Callum Gray and Liam Roper in the hotel room. Laura Washington, Helen Broadbent and Tarren Jones on the coach, 'in the Pantry'. Liam Roper, Callum Gray, Rebecca Wilcox and Stephen Hickling, also 'Pantry People'. Laura Washington and Tarren Jones. Barcelona FC's Mascot. The Nou Camp Stadium, inside. Danielle Sullivan in Nou Camp. Georgina Chiu, Tarren Jones, Danielle Sullivan, Stephen Hickling, Laura Drummond, Amy Rigby, Vicky Taylor, Polly Clark, and Alice Bradshaw. The Nou Camp Stadium from outside. Alice Denison, Vicky Taylor, Rebecca Wilcox and Amy Rigby in McDonald's. (Trademarks acknowledged.) Danielle Sullivan playing with the LEGO we nabbed from McDonald's. (Trademarks acknowledged.) View from the top of Montserrat. View from the top of Montserrat. Yet another Montserrat view. Montserrat plus people. Always Coca-Cola! (Trademarks acknowledged.) Georgina Chiu. Our coach plus Tarren Jones. Globe in Dalí Museum. Statues in Dalí Museum. Outside Dalí Museum. Ceiling in The Dalí Museum. Danielle Sullivan. Laura Drummond and others on the beach. Amy Rigby being buried by others. Barcelona. Barcelonan Street. Laura Drummond and Danielle Sullivan having homo* relations. Mr Jones. This isn't my picture but I thought it was my duty to publish it. Laura Washington, Daniel Coyne, Helen Broadbent, Robert (Rupert) Garner, Danielle Sullivan, Liam Roper and others, on our way home. Danielle Sullivan, sad to leave. Richard Thomas. Danielle Sullivan playing The Pantry People a little tune. Robert Garner, Laura Washington, Danielle Sullivan, Liam Roper and Callum Gray, The Pantry People on our way home. Stephen Hickling, Richard Thomas and Helen Broadbent.