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Archive : 2010
Samantha and the banshees. The endless snow. Rodin. Finally.
The taste of schifo. aPhoto() { 'a photo of '+aPhoto(); }. A robust countenance. Usa il computer.
Shimmering presents. A mind on other matters. The raven scarf. The great fist.
Plotting. Thoroughly entertained. Japanese confection. Black and blue.
Robot bitch and the Hitler youth. Secrets. Why don't you join me in this bovine booth? Missus imperialis.
'I made a mistake.' State machines. The ancient stones. The menfolk.
Talismanic phones. The womenfolk. The avenger. Oh you silly man.
Farm boy. From the bushes. Sparkling water. Happy bunny.
The altar of whiskey. Some sort of gnome. Wedding presents. Brazilians in Rome.
Pranziamo. Albertus queritor. Perambulation. Magnare.
Gathered in the village. Serenading. The bride. The festivities.
The unwitting groom. Poggio Bustone. Mother and son. Matrimonio.
Swiss businessman. Sposi! Balilla. Friends and family.
Girls. Tequra derb. Lancastrians. Amici.
Burlesque. Philosophicating. Mouse trap. Pretty lady.
The cat is singing. Marco Polo. The Ball. Londonragg.
Dr. Schaeffer. The Doctors. Darth Berto. Jesus!
Red-faced. Peter's dreamscape. Bliss. Serpentine.
Idyll. The sex terrier. Polymath. Doctor.
La Gare. The vernacular. Versailles. Playing war.
Heckmondwike. The heralds. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The dismounted Mounted Band.
The cavalry. Patek Philippe. The chav. Playing the pan pipes.
Boysenberry. Cleopatra. You said there was a beach! Fumbling.
The looming threat. English rose. The Three Mostardas. Insect terrorism.
Granny Smith. Reclining. Feverish abandon. Recumbent.
Resident of the town of debauchery. Paddling. The pier. Three men in a brolly.
Stars. West End girl. City boy. The photographers.
My bitches. Misfire. Drama of the provinces. Dutch courage.
Where is Antony? It's happening again. Street fashion. The cavern of shadows.
Starry-eyed. Celestial red. The Muses. Sexaphone.
Gustav Klimt. La fée verte. A shared vision. Bacchus.
Soundproof chamber. Principessa. London sunset. Très chic.
Parisian sunrise. His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, the Bishop of Rome. The church of St. Peter. The robot invasion.
He's back. La principessa del popolo. Lady Effingham. Luxuriant.
The conscientious objector. The doctor. Totemic. Autumn sunset.
By rail and sea. A reconciliation attempt. Let the men talk. The naïve.
Nokia. SCIENTIA IMPERII DECUS ET TUTAMEN. Old man Pete. Shapeshifter.
Shadowy figure. The ball. The grudge. Our chariot.
The old man. Claude et Pierre. Dover. England.
Approaching the continent. The towers of Calais. Full of steak. New desk.
My dodgy backstreet bacon dealer. A street dandy. Flaming. Shadows.
Winston. Automne. Flames of piety. They have their own place now.
Flèche D'Or. What on earth is this? Snowscape. La mère.
Two-headed beast! The mash mountain. LOL.