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Vilnius (Vilna, Wilno) was the capital of the Grand Duchy Of Lithuania, in union with Poland for 200 years, before being occupied by Germany and Poland and absorbed into the Russian Empire twice.

Grand Duke Gediminas, founder of the city Vilnius Cathedral (largely from 1779)
The cathedral The cathedral The cathedral
Palace Of The Grand Dukes (reconstruction) Chapel of St. Casimir (1626) The cathedral
Presidential Palace The town hall Hotel Astorija
Bernadine Church Bernadine Church Bernadine Church
St. Anne's Church (1516) St. Anne's Church (Bernadine Church at rear) St. Anne's Church
St. Anne's Church dates to 1516 and has been linked to Benedikt Rejt of Bohemia, although a Polish source seems far more likely.
Church Of St. Peter And St. Paul Interior of St. Peter and Paul Sculpture inside St. Peter and Paul
Stalinist building The Basilian Gate The Gate Of Dawn
Orthodox Cathedral Of The Theotokos Orthodox Church Of St. Michael And St. Constantine St. Catherine's
St. Casimir's Orthodox Church Of St. Nicholas St. John, by the university
Gothic houses on Pilies Street The Dominican Church A baroque confessional
Vilnius airport The Philharmonic Society Baroque
Baroque St. Mary's, disused church Baroque
Trakai Castle
Trakai was the capital of Lithuania before Vilnius.
Trakai Castle Trakai Castle The Ducal Palace
Chapel in the castle Trakai Castle
Wooden house, Trakai The Hill Of Crosses The Hill Of Crosses