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Archive : Gloucester

Gloucester pioneered the fan vault, a feature of the most elaborate English gothic buildings.

Cathedral approach Cathedral gateway
Chapel of the Bishop's Palace St. Nicholas
Gloucester library and museum St. Mary De Crypt
Gloucester Folk Museum The New Inn
St. Peter's St. Mary De Lode
Blackfriars Shire Hall
St. Michael's Tower St. Michael's Tower
Gloucester Cathedral
Fan-vaulted cloister Fan-vaulted cloister
The cathedral's cloister contains the earliest fan vault.
The nave The lady chapel
The south transept The south transept
The cathedral is full of architectural curiosities like flying ribs (also found in Warwick and Bristol), intersecting lierne vaults, and the tower buttresses encased in the walls of the south transept.
The Great East Window The Great East Window
The Great East Window is a curiosity, being wider than the walls of the quire, but a beautiful one.
A turret The east roof
The west front The east end
The lady chapel The porch
The tower The infirmary ruins
Gateway The ruins of Greyfriars